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Security Windows


The windows we propose are characterised by one or more PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or a plastic placed between the plates which breaks the fall of glass fragments in case of breakage, avoiding dangerous wounds or falls.


Applications : Glass roofs, interior and exterior glass doors, partition walls, balustrades and parapets.

Machining : grinding, beveling, sandblasting, engraving (writing, drawing, etc.), application of melted tin inserts.


Safety glass has many advantages:

Primary protection: protects against the risk of injury due to accidental breaks (eg windows).

Reinforced protection: it protects against the risk of falling into the void (eg balconies or parapets) and falls or penetration of objects in the glass (eg roofs and glass covers).

Glass fragments remain in operation, glued to plastic films, pending glass replacement.

Anti-Burglary Function: Protects your home and your belongings from intrusion.

Feel safe and secure at home

It can be combined with other glass functions to increase comfort: reinforced thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, low maintenance and decoration.

We are based in the province of Olbia Tempio in Sardinia but also operate in nearby Corsica.

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