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Insulating Glass

Research and technological development have allowed high levels of isolation to be achieved, lowering the Thermal Transmitter U to between 1.0 and 0.4 W / m2K.


The insulating glasses produced with SGG PLANITHERM 4 SEASONS will allow you to reduce the use of heating in the cold season and hot air conditioning in the hot season with considerable savings to your expenditure.


- WINTER: this insulating glazing will allow you to retain heat inside your home by reducing the heating usage time in the cold season;

- AUTUMN: you can delay the heating up time and reduce the duration;

- SPRING: the typical temperature fluctuations will be reduced, the seasonal change of season will no longer be a problem;

- SUMMER: New generation Planitherm 4s stops outside heat leaving your fresh and comfortable environments.

Our CLIMALIT CE-UNI insulating glazing units can be identified by an indelible mark on the corner glass, which provides all the parameters that allow it to be identified.


SGG PLANITHERM CLEAR 1.0 has a very neutral appearance and one of the lowest external reflections in the 1% emissivity product market. The larger light transmission (TL) and the less light reflection (Rle) make SGG PLANITHERM CLEAR 1.0 the best glass for those who do not want to give up the benefits of brightness and transparency.


Four Good Reasons to Choose SGG CLIMAPLUS CLEAR 1.0:

• High light transmission For greater visual comfort.

• Energy saving Optimal insulation with a Ug value of 1.0.

• Reduction of heating costs A significant reduction in heat dispersion.

• Effective environmental protection Reduction of CO2 emissions

• More comfort Uniform heat distribution.

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