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Interior and Designer Glass

We have a wide range of glass products available in a range of thickness, dimension and technical characteristic, all of which can be installed in indoor environments.

-DIAMANT-extra-clear glass

-SATINOVO-satin glass (available in various colours)

-MASTER-CARRE ', MASTER-LIGNE etc-glasses for interior architecture

-AQUALITE, CATTEDRALE-coloured glass for interiors

-MADRAS-Colored Prints


Optimising natural light

Clear, or light coloured glass for maximum light entry

Possibility to measure transparency

The range by Saint-Gobain Glass offers a selection of glass suitable for all spaces. Depending on the desired effect, the choice can be directed to completely transparent, translucent or totally opaque glass.

Fires and cleaning

A healthy and hygienic material that's easy to clean, glass does not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and does not encourage mould development.

Among the various products we offer you can also discover CERAMIC GLASS used for stoves and fireplaces. Having a very low expansion rate, they are used wherever a glass that resists high temperature fluctuations (up to 800 °) is needed.

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