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Showcases and exhibitors

Choosing the right glass for display cases and cabinets is essential if you want to guarantee maximum safety for the goods on display and, at the same time, their status.

Absolute transparency and resistance to malicious attacks are the key features that glass for display cases has to have. This is why we offer you a special layer of anti-glare extra-clear safety glass.

High transparency allows for the perfect viewing of objects within. The observer is not disturbed by the reflection of light or the reflection of the surrounding environment and perceives the real rendering and contrast of the colours.

For these features it is also suitable for particular applications such as port and airport control towers, television studios, panoramic towers, interpreting booths in conference rooms, road signs and any other application where there can be no interference from reflection of the light.

Very high transparency and poor residual reflection

· Enhancement of exposed objects

- Large dimensions

-Made-up and simplified cleaning thanks to the high resistance of the anti-reflective scratch and scratch-proof deposit

· High levels of safety and mechanical strength

· Energy saving when used in insulating glazing in combination with a low emissive glass

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